INM Project 2 East And South East UTMC Systems Links

Directing and Client Management to meet the following objectives for the project: to progress the INM strategy by ensuring provision of a UTMC Common Database (CDB) with open interfaces to external UTMC systems, within both East RCC (ERCC) and South East RCC (SERCC); increase the UTMC resilience within the RCCs by linking the two UTMC CDB systems in the ERCC and SERCC; link the UTMC located in the ERCC and SERCC with Local Authority UTMC systems such as those in Kent, Surrey and Hampshire; and establish the feasibility of information provision through UTMC and link to the M25 DBFO. In addition, close cooperation with partner organisations, to obtain the latest operational requirements for both HA and LHA and to ensure delivery of the project within the challenging timescales. Striving to gain more from technology, not only to help to develop trust; but also to enable both HA and LHA to work towards common objectives and make better use of the whole road network.