Project Sponsor Highways Agency Traffic Technology Division South East And Seconded To The Highways Agency

Responsible for developing, supporting and taking forward the application of innovative traffic technology to roads and to network operations. The technologies involved have a diverse range and include, command and control, telecommunications, traffic control and highway-electrical systems, including electrical systems in tunnels, used by the Agency to fulfil its traffic management role. Multi-project Sponsor role for a number of specific Technology Projects:

  • M20 J4-8 Controlled Motorway and HADECS (Highways Agency Digital Enforcement Camera System).
  • M25 J10-16 Upgrade HADECS Enforcement
  • Project Cordon Kent, Maidstone Medway and Highways Agency partnership
  • Ramp Metering Project Sponsor Areas 3 and 5
  • Ramp Metering National Project Sponsor and Technical advisor